Mojar School :: Sadarghat

Sadarghat launch terminal is known as the entrance point for the Street Children of southern areas. Because of easy travelling opportunity via launches, thousands of children enter the capital, even from the furthest southern small island areas of the country, in the hope of earning some livelihood. Deprived of the light of education, in a very short time find themselves as Street Children. Because of frequent availability of illegal drugs, these Street Children are getting engaged in various criminal activities. These children are generally from 04 to 14 years old.

Average Regular Student
Event Based Attendance
Regular Volunteer

Weekly Class: 01 Day | Every Saturday | From 03:30 pm to 05:30

Festivals: 06 yearly festivals and regular events arrangement

Physical Training, National Anthem, Oath, Raising Awareness, Literacy, Step Book, Drawing Colorful Pictures and Food

BIWTI Building, 1st Floor, Sadarghat Launch Terminal, Dhaka

“Durable and quality education is the basic need of every child and Mojar School wants to ensure this”