Mojar School: Maniknagar

The story of Mojar School: Maniknagar starts from Mojar School: Kamlapur which is a school of Phase – 01 started its journey at 2014 as the 2nd school of Mojar School. Kamlapur Railway Station, known as the entrance point for the Street Children of northern areas, had students around 50. The number of students started crossing 100 regularly by the end of the year. As our sole purpose is to make the area Street Child free, we started collecting data and found that 60% to 70% student come from Maniknagar Balur Math which is 2.5 kilometers away from the station. Therefore, after spending one more year to gather more precise information, at February 28, 2017 with 60 students in 04 classes, Mojar School: Maniknagar started its journey and in 2018 the number of students is 240. There are arrangements of regular training for the teachers. We arranged minimum 4 parents teacher metting. And there are also arrangement of pure water for the students

Voluntary Teacher

Weekly Class: 5 Days | Sunday – Thursday

Financial Management:
  • One-time Donation
  • Sponsor A Child

Reception, Nursery, Class One, Class Two, Class Three

National Curriculum and Textbook Board

Dancing, Singing, Sports, Poetry, Drawing, Origami

Mojar School :: Manik Nagor, Dhaka, Bangladesh

“Durable and quality education is the basic need of every child and Mojar School wants to ensure this”