Mojar School: Komlapur

Kamlapur Railway Station can be said the entrance point for the Street Children of northern areas. As they can very easily travel by the trains, and there is always a huge crowd of people and thus foods are easy to attain, and as it is the pasture area for small to big, all types of criminals, the number of Street Children in this area is more than any other place. Therefore, the plan of Mojar School is to explain them the importance of family and to return them to their villages as soon as possible, or enlightening them with the light of education and thus lessening the load of Street Children in Dhaka.

In this purpose, at February 28, 2014, Mojar School: Kamlapur starts its journey in an open space outside Platform No. 08 (Shohortoli) at Kamlapur Railway Station.

Regular Student
Event Based Attendance
Regular Volunteer
Weekly Class: 01 Day | Every Thursday | 03:30 pm to 05:30 pm
Festivals: 06 yearly festivals and regular events arrangement

Physical Training, National Anthem, Oath, Raising Awareness, Literacy, Step Book, Drawing Colorful Pictures and Foods.

Platform No. 08 (Shohortoli), Kamlapur Railway Station, Dhaka.