Mojar School: Agargaon

Mojar School: Agargaon is the 1st permanent school of Mojar School. About nine months after the start of the Mojar School. Some children was seen to ask for food to some people in front of the food house situated near IDB Bhaban. After having a chatting with them we get to know about their place, is was Comilla Bosti (Slum). Today’s Mojar School: Agargaon is made with them. In a small classroom with 30 students Mojar School: Agargaon has been started it’s journey inside Cumilla Slum on 2nd January 2014. The volunteers used to take classes, there was no permanent teachers. Letting the water drawn over the tin shed in the rain, heating by the sun in summer was normal on that time. After that, from one classroom to two classroom, then five, that’s how our journey continued for fulfilling our dream. That Mojar School: Agargaon is now a school with eight classrooms, and 71 students studying regularly 5 days a week. There are CCTV camera for the security of the students, eight permanent teachers working for the betterment of the students. They are not only giving education but also love, which is also important for this kids.

Voluntary Teacher

Weekly Class: 5 Days | Sunday – Thursday

Financial Management:
  • One-time Donation
  • Sponsor A Child

Reception, Nursery, Class One, Class Two

National Curriculum and Textbook Board

Dancing, Singing, Sports, Poetry, Drawing, Origami

Mojar School :: Agargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh


“Durable and quality education is the basic need of every child and Mojar School wants to ensure this”