About us

Odommo Bangladesh Foundation is a non-political, non-profitable organization. Coordinated by the youngsters of this country it has been running for the betterment of the Street Children since January 10, 2013. Government certified (Regi. No S-12055) Odommo Bangladesh Foundation is ensuring Food, Education, Technology, Medical Treatment and Secured Residential Facility, along with other necessary requirements, for every Street Children. From the very beginning, this organization has been raising awareness among the children against drug addiction, theft, robbery and other activities of criminal sorts and this practice shall continue. Odommo Bangladesh Foundation has 06 (Six) schools in 02 (two) phases. The schools of Phase – 01 which are being run under the open sky – Mojar School: Shahbagh, Mojar School: Sadarghat and Mojar School: Kamlapur and Mojar School: Dhanmondi; and the schools of Phase – 02 which follows the National Curriculum and Text Book Board (NCTB) – Mojar School: Maniknagar and Mojar School: Agargaon. Over 700 StreetChildren are engaged with us regularly, which crosses thousand during the events. Among these children, 71 students at Mojar School: Agargaon, 240 students at Mojar School: Maniknagar, 180 students at Mojar School: Kamlapur, 120 students at Mojar School: Sadarghat, 80 students at Mojar School: Shahbagh and 100 students at Mojar School: Dhanmondi are engaged in study in a regular basis. Sports and cultural activities are held as one of the most important factors alongside education.

Our Vision: StreetChild free Bangladesh
Our Mission: To be a friend of StreetChildren, making the self-reliant and ensuring a healthy life for them.

Our Belief:

Nutrition – Education – Technology; complying these fundamental factors, Odommo Bangladesh Foundation is very much determined to rehabilitate the Street Children and turn them into the assets of the society. The organization believes that considering a child living in hunger open for education is fictional.

That is why, besides making them interested in their studies, ensuring food for each child in every class is one of the principal purpose of the organization. Our heart-felt endeavor shall go on till ensuring a place in the society for each child – destitute or distant from their families through technological education, after proper rehabilitation.

To ensure Street Child free Bangladesh, we are working in 04 (four) phases. The phases are briefly described below –

Phase – 01 (Mojar School run under the open sky)

Our schools that are run under the open sky are in Phase – 01 and they are located at Shahbagh Sohrawardi Udyan, Kamlapur Railway Station and Sadarghat Launch Terminal and Dhanmondi Rabindra Sharabar. Anybody who is a Street Child can study in our schools. In Phase – 01, days are fixed per week for each schools to hold classes and all the schools are being directed in the same day and time designated for the school for the last 05 (five) years. This is the first stage of communicating with them. During the first stage, ensuring food and constructing trust is the main target rather than education. Explaining them the bad effects of drug addiction and the sincerest attempt to make them return from any culpable activity goes on In Phase–01.

Phase – 02 (Permanent Mojar School inside Dhaka City)

Phase – 02 is for the children of Phase – 01 who are regularly with us for a long time, for one or two years at least, and who leave with their father or mother or both the parents or have no parents, live with any relative; and have a place to live in the slum. In this phase, lessons are given maintaining the syllabus of National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) of Bangladesh for 05 (five) days of a week (Sunday to Thursday). We bring them in the permanent schools with love and awareness and try to stand by them to ensure a normal life for them. From 2018, 311 such StreetChildren will be regularly studying at Mojar School: Agargaon and Mojar School: Manik Nagar, totally free of cost.

Phase – 03 (Mojar School outside Dhaka in rural areas)

The permanent schools of Phase – 02 is for the children who has at least one guardian in Dhaka. However, Phase – 03 is for the children who live with one or both of their parents, or with any guardian, in the village and cannot afford to go to school. We are gathering information of the StreetChildren of Phase – 01, from which village or district they are from, since 2014. Mojar School will complete its 5th year at January 10, 2018. In the next 10 years, from the year 2018 to 2028, it will gradually start running schools in those districts and villages from which StreetChildren are coming more in number.

Phase – 04 (Odommo Bangladesh Children’s Village)

The students who are regularly connected to Phase – 01 have several categories. One category is, the children who live with one or both of their parents, or with any relative in Dhaka and gets the opportunity to study at Phase – 02. Then there is another category of children whose both parents live in the village but he/she lives in Dhaka for a long time. The children who has nobody in the city where are they going to live? For them, we have Odommo Bangladesh Children’s Village which we call Phase – 04.

The village will accommodate a ‘mother’ for every 10 children where the children will grow up in a family environment with all the facilities. Our plan is to start a village, even if it is in a smaller range, for 50 students.

We, the indomitable, with the power of youth, by this 04 (four) phases and other related small initiatives, will construct a Street Cildren free Bangladesh and this is our belief.

Note 01: From the 6th (sixth) grade, the students will have mandatory trade course or vocational training on one subject of their choosing beside their traditional education so that after a certain period, even if in a little amount at the beginning, they can find a way to support themselves and their family.

Note 02: Our steps are taken with an aim to ensure continuous and quality education. Therefore, a team of students from different universities are for more than 04 years but without any salary or allowance. In phase – 02, there is a panel of professional and quality teachers. Experienced teams are already prepared to take the challenge of Phase – 03 & 04 as well.